Stvoreno is a marketplace where unique products, decor, and handmade by Ukrainian craftsmen meet their ideal customers! 

Each product you may find here carries traditional Ukrainian aesthetics, culture, and warmth of the loving hands of craftsmen who poured their hearts into every item. 

The naming of the Stvoreno brand comes from the original Ukrainian word “stvoreno”,  meaning “created”, “made” or “done” so that you know anything you see in our listings is handmade. 

We are on a mission of sharing with the world the unique aesthetics of both ancient Ukrainian culture and its modern trends embodied in beautiful and functional goods designed to decorate your homes and lives. 

Through many of our goods, we talk about the authentic culture of different regions of Ukraine, as well as modern handmaders that have long been popular on the international market.

Our values

Our curation of authentic Ukrainian goods is here to support and promote Ukrainian culture and art with all responsibility and honesty towards craftsmen and our customers. 

Social responsibility 

Selling on this platform gives Ukrainian manufacturers the opportunity to go on with their lives, rebuild the country going through the horrors of war and help our army to free Ukraine from the Russian invasion faster. When buying on this marketplace our customers get premium-quality goods and, at the same time, make a significant contribution to the restoration of our houses, schools, museums, and the country's economy.



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