What is the special feature of the Hi-tech Club hookahs?

What is the special feature of the Hi-tech Club hookahs?

Today, hookahs are strongly associated with relaxation and socializing in our minds. The Internet and shopping malls offer various specialized shops where you can find smoking systems to suit different tastes, as well as all the necessary accessories. However, what sets Hi-tech Club hookahs apart from other manufacturers in this niche? What is the special feature, that makes their products the choice for even Netflix movies?

Innovation in smoking technology

The main issue with using hookahs, frequently encountered by their enthusiasts, is the combustion of tobacco caused by its contact with the coal via thin foil. As a result, the smoke quickly becomes sore and harmful to health. Moreover, smoking systems allowed to be used with more than 2 hoses often become non-airtight, causing smoke leakage.

Why does this happen? It's simple — using low-cost materials and the construction leaves no choice but to use foil, which is unhealthy. 

The patented original design of Hi-tech Club smoking systems contrasts with the familiar analogs. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of exclusive design forms and technical calculations. This allows:

  • Replace the foil with a specially designed coal bowl that evenly heats the tobacco, preventing it from burning.
  • Full conveyance of a rich taste without bitterness.
  • Prevention of tobacco smell accumulation due to its non-porous structure.
  • Containment of smoke inside the flask without external assistance.
  • Creation of a light and adjustable draw.

Additionally, the design of Hi-tech Club hookahs allows smoking 0.247 ounces of tobacco, maintaining smoke density and a rich, pure taste throughout 1.5 hours. A good example of this line is the Classic Gold hookah, which you can quickly and thoroughly explore on our website. A vivid demonstration and confirmation of the aesthetics and reliability of this manufacturer's smoking systems is the Netflix film "Rebel Moon." Thanks to the reconstruction carried out by Hi-tech Club specifically for the film shoot the hookah became a true decoration of the cinematic scene.

Quality & convenience

In addition to the unique structure and design of Hi-tech Club smoking systems, attention should also be paid to the quality of their materials. All elements of the hookahs are made from high-quality materials sourced from every necessary niche. As an example, the hose is made from food-grade silicone, known for its durability. It not only adds reliability to the hookahs but also ensures maximum hygienic use. The material lining the hose has anti-static properties, allowing it to remain clean over extended periods. 

It should also be added that each smoking device comes with a nice bonus in the form of LED lighting. This is one of the innovations that the Ukrainian brand has added to its products. The lighting base is located at the bottom, filling the glass flask with pleasant light. To ensure customers get the most enjoyment from this lighting aesthetic, the manufacturer has added a remote control that allows you to choose the desired lighting mode. By the way, this feature is also demonstrated in the aforementioned Netflix film.

Special attention is required to the equipment of the smoking device as well. It features a specific valve system that provides easy draw and allows enjoyment of the smoking process not only alone but also in the company of friends. It's worth noting that the founder of Hi-tech Club has made their hookahs not only comfortable to use but also easy to look after. They:

  • are easy to construct
  • are immune to damage and rust
  • retain their unblemished appearance for a long time.

A great example of convenience and quality is the travel hookah, which, due to its ergonomics and compactness, can be an excellent companion on trips. Even though Hi-tech Club creations are already perfect, the company continues to evolve and find new solutions in the development and design of hookahs, making it not only a great manufacturer but also an interesting brand.

When choosing products for relaxation, we seek something that stands out in terms of both quality and originality, as well as convenience. We are pleased to realize that the company cares about its customers as much as its products, constantly evolving and exploring solutions to create new unique products. That's why Hi-tech Club hookahs are a priority choice not only for individual customers but also for premium establishments and media company like Netflix.