Tvoe Namysto

Tvoe Namysto

I'm the master Galyna who can't live without beauty in everything. My brand Tvoe Namysto, which translates to "your necklace," is a workshop where jewelry with Ukrainian soul is handmade. Every brand has its philosophy, and every creator has their mission. I see the philosophy of my brand in love for oneself and dear ones, and my desire to make people become enamored with Ukrainian culture has become my mission.

I deeply enjoy my work, and the understanding I'm where I belong gives me the strength to create year after year. I've never once felt the desire to leave what I do. When I work and immerse myself in a creative flow, I manage to forget, even momentarily, that there is a war in my country.

I enjoy the process of creation and put maximum positive energy into each necklace. People who choose them often write to me saying that my necklaces are magical.

Of course, I don't work alone; I have a team of 10 wonderful people with me. We've gone through inflation, COVID, and we continue to create now, even during the war. Together!

I am grateful to every customer who stays with us, trusts, loves, and chooses our necklaces! It brings me great happiness to send them to you and know that they will reach the best people in the world.

My customers are not just people who order my creations; they are my inspiration first and foremost. It is thanks to you and for you my team and I will continue to create, spreading love and happiness.

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Thank you for being with us!💙💛
With Ukraine in our hearts,
Tvoe Namysto.