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Talan Interior - stvoreno

We, Vladislav and Anastasia, are creative individuals who aspire to offer this world beautiful things for the comfort of both body and soul.

"Talan" is a workshop of decorative and interior products. Here, we combine natural elements and home comfort, practicality, uniqueness, and above all, love.

So what does the word "talan" mean?

We believe that every detail in life matters. When we fill the space we live in with a special positive meaning, it immediately reflects on our mood, thoughts, emotions, and all subsequent life.

Therefore, when crafting our creations, we add a little magical element to them — luck, which among Ukrainians is also known as "talan."

What values does workshop Talan adhere to?

  1. Quality. Each item we create is handmade using the finest and carefully selected materials. We actively strive to ensure the highest quality and uniqueness of the product.
  2. Uniqueness. We aim to produce original decor that stands out from mass-produced items with its exquisite design. Therefore, each of the creations is filled with special meaning, love, and charged with success.
  3. Our clients. During the creation of every product, we aim to produce its best version, which would undoubtedly become the most suitable option for every one of the clients.

We aspire to become the place, where you will always find the item that is felt as created personally for you. Transform the space you live in into a masterpiece, and we will help you with it.

Learn more about Talan by following the link: https://www.instagram.com/talan_interior?igsh=MTZtdTc1Nngyb3Q4MQ==