My name is Victoria, and I create lingerie for everyone who wants to be themselves. My favorite hour of the day is the first one after waking up: a refreshing shower, skincare routine, putting on the best lingerie in the world, and realizing that the day is off to a great start. Sounds familiar?

Confidence, love, and self-belief start with the little details. It might seem like just lingerie, but it instantly unveils your sensuality, inspiring you to accomplish the impossible. My brand, "PalayU", confidently helps you step towards self-love.

A mere year ago, it was just a hobby that helped me escape from the war, but now it's a thriving business with countless women embracing self-love.

Every moment during the war presents its own set of challenges, offering small businesses like mine another opportunity to persevere. The winter was very tough, filled with blackouts and daily shelling. But every night became my workday because that's when we had light. At night, I sewed lingerie, took orders, and came up with new sketches. And spring brought me another ray of hope. There were more and more orders that inspired me to create new stories for women.

"Burning Ukrainian Hearts" is exactly what I wanted to convey with the name. No matter how difficult it may be, we will keep burning with love and share it with the world. Burn, love yourself and my brand "PalayU" will definitely help you with this: