Jewelry is an accessory that has always reflected the essence of a person. They embody our individuality, and nationality, and serve as a source of confidence. In the past, they were an indicator of a person's status in society and served as a talisman.

Pakabone is our workshop, where we create jewelry with soul and style. We have been crafting all the products in our production facility in Ukraine since 2012. Over the years, we have made many pieces whose designs have captured the hearts not only of Ukrainians but also of many people from different parts of the world.

One of Pakabone's unique features is we do not create products on demand. Our products result from our preferences and following the principle — make as if for ourselves and with love for the craft. The lion's share of the work consists of hope. We hope you will like our jewelry as much as we do.

We also carefully ensure all our accessories are made exclusively from environmentally friendly and high-quality materials, without the addition of harmful metals.

Where do we draw ideas for our jewelry? A huge source of inspiration is the stories of great civilizations such as Egypt and the Trypillian culture. We are also inspired by the cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome, Kyivan Rus, and Byzantium. Among the peoples, we are attracted to the cultural heritage of the Celts, Scythians, Vikings, Slavs, Maya, Aztecs, Maori, and so on. By the way, the pendants and bracelets in the Maori style we created in the Pakabone workshop have gained great popularity worldwide.

If you look at our jewelry, you will also notice that we have a special interest in the Viking era, their art, and Germanic-Scandinavian mythology. We make jewelry in the Viking and Scandinavian styles from bronze and leather. These are accessories such as bracelets, pendants, amulets, and more.

Of course, we also address contemporary themes, making men's and women's jewelry from cotton and leather cords with original clasps made of bronze and silver.

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