Hi-tech Club

Hi-tech Club

My name is Yaroslav Bondarenko and I have a creative soul. Innovative thinking and the development of high-tech novelties are my hobbies and my lifestyle. As a child I was lucky to have free access to a variety of machines and materials, I loved metal and made machetes, crossbows, knives and cleavers, motorcycles, and other devices.

In my youth, while traveling, I became interested in studying various Eastern cultures and paid special attention to the place of hookah smoking traditions, connected the positivity, calmness, and friendliness of local residents with centuries-old customs of quality recreation.

I love fun things, quality materials, and I liked hookah traditions. I wanted to make the hookah perfect, and during my travels, I began to think about how to improve the characteristics of the hookah, so that smoking brought only pleasure and contributed to complete relaxation.

Returning from new countries, I refined something in my hookah and, as a result, corrected the technical defects, made a hookah with the best materials and modern style. That's where the name Hi-tech Club came from.

My hookahs have become sought after by premium establishments seeking convenience, care for visitors, and the creation of a unique atmosphere. They're also enjoyed personally — a favorite indulgence and a perfect gift for those who seemingly have everything. Now, I proudly refer to my workshop as a hookah design studio, where we infuse the soul of design and tradition into technically flawless devices.