Hi! I'm Anastasiia Argunova, the founder of the "GNIZDO" brand. Once I had a dream, and now I can share it with the world. Our dream is a luxurious Ukrainian sustainable natural linen textile store line for home and clothing.

The brand started its journey in 2017 with the production of natural linen bedding. Unable to find concise Ukrainian-made bedding, we decided to create our own. 

Choosing the fabric was quite challenging, but linen emerged as the winner because it has no equivalents. Creating the first linen bedding sets helped us come up with the name – "GNIZDO", which is always associated with home and comfort. The word "GNIZDO" has Ukrainian origins and means “the nest”.

The first orders and rapid love for our linen products inspired us to create new collections, expand the product line, and eventually add home and everyday clothing. At the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, we had to suspend the operations, but within a few months, we resumed production. We found new seamstresses in safe regions, restored patterns, and purchased fabric in bulk. New customers and supporters greatly helped us, allowing the brand to continue its full operation. We are truly grateful to everyone who supports us at all times.

In the "GNIZDO" we use only organic and natural materials: linen and cotton as the main fabrics, wood and seashells in buttons, cardboard and fabric in packaging, and recycled and kraft paper for tags. We also embrace the concept of slow fashion – reducing the number of items used and increasing the lifespan of clothing, as natural and high-quality textiles and clothing will last much longer.

Minimalist-style items are always in fashion and timeless, so be sure to visit our collections in "Stvoreno" catalog, and choose your own story. Build your nest with us and always feel at home: