The best description of our brand "LYS" comes from the customers: "A workshop that fulfills furniture dreams".

"LYS" is a studio of interior decorations where the craftsmanship of Ukrainian traditional craftsmanship, the artistic perspective of the authors, and modern design coexist.

I am Andrii, and my wife is Olga Lysikhina, and we've created the brand a long time ago. For the name, we naturally chose the first 3 letters of our surname, giving birth to "LYS" which translates to “fox” in Ukrainian.

Over 10 years, we've come a long way from knowing nothing to creating incredible pieces that inspire everyone.

However, the most crucial phase began during the full-scale war. We endured three direct threats of shelling hitting the workshop, but we only experienced the aftermath of the explosive wave.

During moments of anxiety, we sketched in the basement, and during the day, we created content to help distract and inspire people not to lose hope in victory and strength, with the belief in the importance of our work. Because we preserve the traditional craft of Ukraine. The beauty of handmade craftsmanship. Just as Ukrainian craftsmen once left their signature mark on objects, we continue this tradition today.

Adapting to the new realities was challenging, but the "LYS" team fully restored work with local craft workshops and continued collaborating with suppliers of professional Italian coatings and German fittings.

Each product has its own story, its inspiration, and a profound love for the craft. After all, a home is an extension of its owner's character, a space in which everyone should feel good and safe. We invite you to add even more of yourself to your interior: