Barva art box

Barva art box

Every crisis is the beginning of new opportunities. Even the most terrifying thing that can happen gives birth to a new beginning. 

Our brand "Barva art box" was born under such circumstances. We are two friends, the founders of the brand, and the entire conscious life we spent together: in happy moments and even during times of war. Our friendship helped us overcome the darkest days of the occupation of the city of Irpin, evacuation, and the return to the ruins left by the occupiers in the hometown.

We understood this difficult period needed to be endured. Every day we painted a lot in a small room filled with memories. The process of creating paintings acted, like, art therapy. It gave us peace, immersed us in meditation, and brought life back to the moment. This is why we decided it could save others' mental states, not only ours.

Searching for the necessary materials, developing paint formulas, color schemes for sets, packaging, and much more, and here we are now the owners of a young and unique Ukrainian brand. 

The main mission of the "Barva art box" is art therapy that provides impressions, emotions, and inspiration to people who do not have artistic skills. During the meditative process, a person is able to discover their talent and their true selves, and, of course, create an incredible interior with their own hands. 

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